Special Investment Purpose Companies Assiciation

Special Investment Purpose Companies Assiciation

On February 16, was officially registered the Special Investment Purpose Companies Association (SIPCA).

Founders of the Association are „Agro Finance” REIT, „Advance Terrafund” REIT, “Aktiv Properties” REIT, „Fund Estates” REIT, „ERG Capital- 3” REIT, Intercapital Property Development” REIT, „PARK” REIT, „Sopharma Properties” REIT, „Bulgarian Real Estate Fund” REIT and „FairPlay Properties” REIT. The Association is planed to be developed by associating new members. 
The new Association is managed by five-member Board. On the Constituent Assembly for the chairman of the Association was elected Manu Moravenov, CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Directors of “FairPlay Properties” REIT.
The goals of SIPCA are  to protect the professional and economical interests of its members, to increase knowledge and understanding of all the questions  towards the investments in Real Estate and in Claims in the sphere of the Capital market and for investors, medias and all the other factors, that influent the Capital and Real Estate Markets; to clarify and propagandize the leading goals of the investment process in Bulgaria; to initiate and maintain to the competent State bodies projects for changes in the legislation for the Companies with Special Investment Purpose, for the investment process and of the Capital Market under the appropriate legal statue of rules, protecting the investors in Bulgaria ang the rights of Association`s members; to help for regulation of the professional and collegiate relations between the Companies with Special Investment Purpose – members of the Association, for the improvement of the positive image of the Association and of the Members and to help for the professional qualification of the employees and the associates of its Members and to create informational environment for the problems of the Companies with Special Investment Purpose, and the investment process

More Information:
Manu Moravenov
Chairman of the Board of “SIPCA”
Tel. 02/ 8199 103,



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